What Do You Need to Build A Website?

What do you need to build a website?

Last Updated October 19, 2014.

Website Hosting

  1. Websites are stored on web servers
  2. Storing your website on web servers requires monthly or yearly rental (hosting) fees
  3. Webprem’s preference is to host our clients websites within our web server(s)
    • This allows Webprem to ensure web hosting follows latest current technical standards, especially those requiring databases.
    • Hosting with Webprem comes with value added services including one free hour of website maintenance a month. (The other services we don’t list here because we do not want to advertise them to our competitors.) Otherwise those value added services are billed at hourly rates.

Domain Name

  1. A domain name is the address (url) of your website
  2. The domain name is displayed in the address field of your web browser
  3. Domain registration is a yearly recurring cost
  4. It is usually best to pick a domain name that people will be able to spell
  5. Webprem has a way of helping their clients obtain their domain(s) with the help of a money saving coupon, and who doesn’t like to save money

Web Design Company

  1. We hope you pick Webprem to design and/or redesign your website
  2. Besides creating and hosting websites, we help our clients with other website related tasks
  3. We specialize in creating WordPress websites for our clients. This allows clients to update their website content themselves.
  4. You (the client) supply the raw materials and Webprem assembles them into a graphically pleasing, easy to read, and easy to navigate set of web pages