Updating Old Blogs Improves SEO Ranking

Update Old Blog Content

Neil Patel, who is a well known SEO expert, wrote that updating blogs with updated content improves SEO ranking for your website.  What a really great place to start if you (like me) have not been writing new blogs recently.  It is July 2020 and I realize I have not written any new blogs since February 2019.  (Oppsss …. Glup …)

Neil’s blog showed up in a feed I have on my smart phone on July 7, 2020.  When I looked under the covers of this particular blog I could tell the images used are dated as of July 2017, so I am guessing Neil used his own advice successfully.

The blog in question can be found at https://neilpatel.com/blog/updating-old-content-to-boost-ranking/.

As a positive motto I like the phrase “Lets Get To It”.  That reminds of a positive phrase used to open the show of one of CNN’s anchors, Chris Cuomo, who says “Let’s Get After It”.

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