Top Reasons To Hire Webprem

Oct 24, 2017 | Web Design

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Top reasons to hire Webprem. Ten reasons why hiring Webprem is an excellent idea.

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Top reasons to hire Webprem. Ten reasons why hiring Webprem is an excellent idea.

1Experience.   Linda Mattson, of Webprem, has been doing web development since 2001.   More than that Linda has been a programmer / developer for 35+ years. An important part of that experience is the ability to ask the right questions to ensure each client’s website meets their particular goals and requirements.

2Coding / Graphics.  It is said that most web designers are either coders or graphic artists.  Webprem is experienced in both. In marrying these skills Webpprem can execute your design and build the necessary technical specifications on the back end.

3Versatility.  Every web site Webprem designs is created specifically for that specific client based on their goals, style, and color preferences.

4Organic SEO = Free SEO. Webprem works with each client and asks them to picture their ideal client. What would that ideal client type into Google to find their business website? Keywords like business name, what they sell (or offer) and where they are located are important places to start. Then Webprem works to ensure those keywords are placed within the website in the best strategic places. View SEO Basics for valuable SEO tips.

5CMS. CMS stands for “Content Managed Systems” which in plain English means a website where the client can manage their own content without having to depend on their web designer. The majority of clients appreciate the ability to update their own website content.

6Training.  Webprem believes time spent training clients how to best manage their websites is an important component.

7Hosting.  The majority of Webprem’s clients choose to host their website with Webprem.  This better facilitates there are no third party roadblocks or performance issues.

8Analytics. Google Analytics is set up for each client.  Google Analytics allows the client to understand how many people are finding their website.

9Shopping Carts / Ecommerence. Want to sell products online? Webprem can make that goal a reality. They are many things to consider and factor in when selling products online and Webprem can assist you to make it easier to manage.

10Social Networking. One way to help grow your business is to connect with your potential customers. Webprem advises their clients on the many ways to make those connections happen. The more your company connects with others, the more likely your company is to grow.