SSL & Security

Purpose of Using an SSL Certificate

SSL Secure Padlock Icon Symbol

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer” certificate which is a protocol for web browsers and servers that allows for the authentication, encryption and decryption of data sent over the Internet.

A website that uses an SSL certificate starts with https:// instead of http:// and displays a padlock icon found just to the left of the url displayed in the browser address bar. Google has signaled, for many years now, that using https is one of many factors affecting SEO ranking.

The majority (but not all) companies offering hosting make it easy for web design companies / website developers to implement an SSL certificate. Using an SSL certificate should be a no-brainer. That being said 2 very large companies that host websites make it difficult (and costly) to obtain and renew SSL certificates.  

Importance of Security

Using an SSL certificate, as described above, is just one piece of keeping your website secure. There are many other considerations that go into keeping your website safe.

The first consideration is to ensure your website is hosted on secure web servers that are kept up-to-date. There are 2 very large companies, that host websites, where they put profits before security. Webprem has real life experiences and examples of which hosting companies we avoid and the reasons why. That is one reason, of many, that we host most of our clients’ websites. We know what is good and what to avoid.

We always tell our clients to use unique passwords for anything having to do with their websites or any type of media accounts. The passwords should be unique strong passwords with a combination of upper and lower case letters that includes special characters, and numbers. Any files or data that is transferred to or from a website should be done in a secure manner.

There are other customizable security items Webprem implements on behalf of our clients. We discuss those items with our clients as we proceed throughout each project.

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