Slideshow Image Notes

Slideshows have been a popular web design element. A slideshow can highlight important features of a company or the products sell. In the past slideshows tended to be wide but not very tall. As of late 2017 many slideshows are now both wide and tall. (*Note: slideshows that are full width should usually be at least 1920px wide. The height and width that works best for your website should be figured out between you and your web designer.

For purposes of this tutorial you have been told by your web designer they need slideshow images that have a dimension of 1920px (pixels) wide by 900px (pixels) tall.

However, you found an image with dimensions of 1920px wide by 1439px tall. A cropping tool will need to be used that allows a preset cropping dimension of 1920px wide by 900px tall. As you can tell from this cropping example only a portion of this image could be used. (The translucent white part of the image is what would be removed after image is cropped.)

*Note: This post was originally written in 2014.  It was re-written in 2017.