Services and Skills

Website Design

Web design is the process of planning and creating a website. Text, images and interactive elements are used by web designers to bring the page to life. Web designers utilize markup language, most notably HTML and PHP for the website structure and CSS for the website presentation. Often jQuery is used to add interactivity.

You will want to hire a web designer that codes in such a way that the website looks good no matter what browser or device is used to view the website. “Responsive Web Design” is the most common way to make a website look good no matter what device they are viewed on. Responsive web design is about using HTML, PHP and CSS to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content around so the website looks good on any device.

About 90% of the websites Webprem creates are created using WordPress. WordPress allows Webprem to create high end professional looking websites that also allow the client to create blog posts on subjects relating to their business. According to Forbes and other sources 75+ million websites are built using WordPress. Websites that use WordPress are between 27% and 33% of all websites worldwide. These are amazing statistics.

Webprem excels in creating unique web designs for small to large businesses. Take a look at Webprem’s portfolio to see examples of our work.

Wordpress and CMS

We have heard many a client tell us how hard it was to get a hold of their former web designer to get their content on their previous website modified. We offer many websites designs where the client can update the content themselves. This is called “Content Managed Systems” or can be referred to as CMS.

WordPress is considered a Content Managed System because the client can update the content themselves. We offer an additional type of Content Managed System that is also very simple to use. Which one we recommend depends on the needs of each client.

Gathering Requirements

A key element in working with a client is having a defined process to gather requirements on the goals the clients wants from their website. Once a client has decided to hire Webprem they are given a “Requirements Gathering” document which is a set of questions that allows Webprem to have a strong foundation concerning what the clients style and goals are.

Images / Graphics

Creating a website is similar to creating a painting. The graphical elements contained within your website help give your visitors a sense of you and/or your business.

They say an image is worth a thousand words. What do you want your images to say to your potential clients?

We can help guide you in deciding which photos / images and graphical elements to use and/or create certain custom images on your behalf.

SEO - Organic (Free) and AdWords (Paid)

SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization”. Webprem builds your website with what is referred to as organic (free) SEO. This is the process of obtaining a natural placement within organic search engine result pages. To accomplish this we ensure your specific SEO keywords are placed within key places within your website code.

Identifying important key words in the beginning of the process helps us do this. We know what is important to code correctly and how to raise your SEO. Many of our cients are happy with the results of their Organic (free) SEO. We can also create and monitor an Adwords (paid) SEO campaign too.

We will recommend simple marketing tips you can do yourself such as adding your website address in your email and on all your marketing materials. Marketing your website helps drive traffic to your website and helps raise your SEO ranking.

View our SEO blogs for additional knowledge.

Google Analytics Reporting

Webprem installs a Google Analytics tracking code into the backend of your website. It is beneficial to know the number of people that visit your website. It is great to have a beautiful website, but if no one finds or goes to it, then it is not useful.

It is important to know what the source of your website traffic is. Are people finding your website because they typed in a particular set of keywords within Google or did they type in your website url address directly? We offer the ability to receive weekly or monthly reports containing the volume and source of your website traffic.

Facebook and Social Media

Growing your business is all about connecting with potential customers. It has always been the case that a customer might connect with your business based on a referral from a friend.

Now, within Facebook, that referral might occur because a “Facebook” friend suggested “liking” your business Facebook page, and the potential customer took a look at your Facebook Business Page and decided they liked and hopefully will need your services. It is nice that within Facebook other Facebook people can comment on your Facebook Business page giving your business great reviews.

Hosting (via a webserver)

Webprem can host your website. This allows us to ensure there no issues or third party roadblocks. Letting us handle the technical hosting details frees up your time to concentrate on running your business.

We can also purchase your domain and set up email address(es) tied to your domain. We usually have access to discounts that save money when purchasing a domain.