Graphics & Color Design

First Impressions Count

It takes only 2 seconds to form an impression about your business when looking at your website for the first time. That means you only have one chance to get it right.

A website / web page is similar to a painting in that your website visitor has a conscious and unconscious reaction. (If you have any background in marketing or advertising this concept is quite obvious.) People with those backgrounds are like us, in that they look at the layouts on how different information is provided. For example, have you ever noticed the amount of different fonts, backgrounds and colors that show up at the bottom in a number of your news related programming, from your local news stations to CNN, MSNBC, and FOX?

Home Page Images

The home page of your website should usually contain what is called the header or hero image.

This image is usually found directly under your navigational menu.  It typically covers the full width of the web page and is a powerful & effective web design tool. People respond positively to visual content and your hero image is the first thing a potential customer sees when they go to your website. Think of the hero image like an introduction giving your users a sense of what to expect from the rest of the site. The hero image will often have a color or gradient overlay. Your hero image sets the tone for your website.

Having a great home page is important and most hero images have what are called “Call To Action” (CTAs) buttons that invite your website visitor to be pulled further into your website. It is important that your home page communicates the purpose of your business and pictures convey a powerful message.

To visually understanding this (as of 2021) an ideal approach to is to look at other websites, within your particular niche, since the majority of web designs utilize the hero image concept.

(Highly recommend looking at websites in your niche in a different state or region so that you don’t give SEO juice to your local competitors.)


Graphics and colors play an important role.

Graphics (like vector graphics) and images (like people, places and objects ) and colors (of course) play an important role when designing a website. The logo colors and colors found within the images used on a website often have a strong impact on the colors found in your website design.

Webprem Client Portal

Webprem has created a client portal that has a vast amount of information for our clients.

Originally Webprem thought that having client resource blogs on our website was be very helpful. It was kind of a pain because technology is changing at such a fast pace that many of our previous blogs became out of date rather quickly. What we also found is that most people are at different levels regarding their comfort levels in learning about items such as graphics and technical subjects. Some clients want to soak up everything we are willing to teach and other clients prefer to have Webprem do the majority of the graphical and/or technical stuff.

Having a client portal instead of multiple blogs makes it easier for us to keep the information up-to-date. Since we are already personally connecting with our clients we find they are very comfortable in knowing if they have a question Webprem is only a phone call or email away.

A portion of the information found within Webprems’ portal is:

  • Image Resources:  7+ pages.  One of these pages has extensive information of where to find images and videos to use on your website.  Three of these pages contain step by step tutorials to edit graphics without having graphics software on your laptop or device.
  • Colors and Fonts: 2+ pages with multiple resources in each.  Webprem has found that most clients already have a good idea of the colors they want to use on their website, and the types of font and font styles are usually easily figured out depending on the business niche.  But having this information available for our clients to review really helps in choosing the correct fonts, font styles, and colors.
  • Logo Resources:  A page with 20+ different resources.  Written to help clients with what to do when starting their logo design journey, and facts about what types of logo designs work best for the web and for branding.
  • SEO / SEM: 10+ pages for SEO / SEM including one page that has a list of SEO related words and definitions including an explanations of when a low number is better and when a high number is better for particular SEO terms.

And much more….

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