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What is the Difference Between Web Design & Website Development?

WEB DESIGN is the art of: (1) creating and using graphical images (2) how color & color combinations evoke certain feelings and reactions (3) how font size & styles affect design (4) ability to create an artistic style for a website design. Web design(ers) often use  graphics tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator and other graphical editing software.

WEBSITE DEVLEOPMENT is the art of using coding language(s) to breathe life into a web design. Technical areas a website developer need to know include areas such as: (1) understanding how to code so your website looks great on different types of devices / device sizes (2) experience with web servers (3) experience in understanding security (4) experience in understanding how to leverage WordPress for the best chance of success for the underpinnings of SEO.

Some companies use different people to accomplish these goals. At Webprem, we have been told it is refreshing to work with a person who understands both the artistic design aspect as well as the technical aspect on what is possible. Linda Mattson, of Webprem, has a long history as a programmer, developer and analyst. Linda started coding for the web in 2001, while working for Boeing. The advances in the technical aspects on how to code for the web then compared to now is mind blowing.

What Items are Necessary for Building a Website?

What is a Hero Image?

The hero image is most often located under the logo / menu area. The hero image can be either static or dynamic (videos and animations) and typically cover the full width of the web page and are a powerful & effective web design tool. People respond positively to visual content and your hero image is the first thing a potential customer sees when they go to your website. Think of the hero image like an introduction giving your users a sense of what to expect from the rest of the site. The hero image will often have a color or gradient overlay. Your hero image sets the tone for your website.

An ideal approach to understanding this is to look at other websites within your particular niche.
(I highly recommend looking at websites in your niche in a different state so that you don’t give SEO juice to your local competitors.)

What is Full Width Web Design?

As you look around at the majority of websites (as of about 2020) you will notice that most websites now take advantage of “full width web design”. This web design style is here to stay. It is better to use “full width” rather than being “boxed in”. (That is a web design geek joke.)

Whether or not the content on a web page uses the full width of the screen depends on the type of content displayed. The header (top) of the website and footer (bottom) of the website are almost always full width now. The type of content between the header and the footer most always makes it easy to decide the width of a particular type of content.

Websites used to be designed using what is referred to as a “box design”, but that web design is so out of date / out of style. You can tell if a website uses a “boxed design” if there are lines or shadows on each side of the website with usually a different color or graphical element behind the website.

Is Having a Blog a Powerful SEO tool?

Blogs are extremely important for bringing in additional targeted SEO and will showcase your knowledge and expertise. Google rewards websites that contain blogs with improved SEO ranking especially since the content on websites with blogs do not stay static

What is a Favicon?

A favicon is a type of image that shows up at the top of the browser tab. It is extremely helpful for branding and allows your website visitors / customers to better find the browser tab for your web page when they have multiple websites open within a browser. A favicon that looks good when reduced it the best choice.

Why is Using HTTPS Important?

Having an https secured web site means that an SSL (Secure Socket Layer certificate) has been implemented on your web server for your domain / url. This SSL certificate is the protocol that https uses as a padlock and acts as a secure connection between the web server and your browser. Google has signaled in years past that https is one of many factors for SEO ranking.

What is Organic SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Organic (free) SEO is the process to obtain a natural placement on organic search engine results pages. Identifying important key words and/or phrases in the beginning of the web design or redesign process is an important step using best practices to have your web site rank as high as possible within the search engine results.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is mobile friendly and allows your web page to look good on a variety of devices. It uses a combination of HTML and CSS to resize and move the content around on the web page to make it look good on any screen. A website that is responsive and mobile friendly looks quite different on a mobile device (phone) then it looks like on a desktop and/or laptop. The width and height, called viewport, of the device you are using plays a major factor. If you are interested to see what the viewport is for your device please go to http://whatismyviewport.com/ to find out what your viewport width and height are.

What is Google Analytics / Google Webmaster / Google Search Console?

It is important that tools be implemented into your website that allows you to track website traffic and other statistics. This will give you an idea of how many people are finding your site and whether they type your website address directly into a browser or your website is found via one of the search engines.