Facebook @ Tagging Expanded

Facebook users can now tag their friends, pages, events, and groups in both their status updates, as well as in comments to news feed stories and wall posts to create linked mentions. In order for @ tag feature to work you must already have a facebook relationship established with the friend, page, event, or group.

Here’s how it works: when writing a status update, wall post, or within a comment a user can tag by using the “@” operator in front of the name.   Facebook then pops up a dropdown menu that allows users to select any friend, page, group, or event.  When a friend, page, etc is tagged, it shows up on their wall and they receive some type of notification. You can remove tags of yourself from tagged news feeds or wall posts, but currently you cannot untag yourself when tagged in comments. This means the @ tagging feature could be abused to associate a user with content they might object to.

The flexibility of the @ tagging feature creates interesting opportunities for Facebook Pages. Admins can “Use Facebook as Page” and publish comments that mention themselves on the posts of other Pages in order to attract people to their Page.