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Why Use WordPress?

WordPress ( is an incredibly popular content management system (CMS). A large percentage of new websites are built using WordPress. According to statistics, WordPress powers 40+ percent of all websites found on the internet and that number continues to rise.

When Webprem started using WordPress, back in 2012, to create websites for our clients, many clients were surprised we were recommending WordPress. Back then many people thought WordPress was just for bloggers.

WordPress is used by individuals, big businesses, and everyone in between!

SEO Benefits of Using WordPress

WordPress has the ability to do fantastic things with regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Have you ever heard of the term “schema” and the role schemas play within SEO?

  • Most people have not heard of schemas.
  • Depending on the implementation schema’s are created automatically within the back end of the website with very little manual coding needing to be done.

There are number of what are called plugins available to use within a WordPress website. These plugins (many of them are free) and can be used instead of hand coding an action or feature that would be expensive to code from scratch.

There are a number of popular SEO plugins that:

  • Notify search engines when a page or post has been updated.
  • Help to format a friendly snippet (called an excerpt) that search engines utilize when crawling / indexing websites.

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Additional Benefits of Using WordPress

There are also a number of small type movement animations that are available within WordPress.

  • The animations are often fairly easy to implement for an experienced WordPress developer.
  • Images can fly-in, fade-in, tilt and more which can help focus a website visitor on particular content.
  • There are many different types of text animations that can be done.  The most often used animation Webprem uses are having words fly-in from the side or flip-in or fade-in.
  • On our “Responsive Web Design” page there is an example of an image that tilts as well as words that use what is called a “typewriter” effect.
  • There are also multiple easy ways to display images.
  • Webprem often creates a section of a webpage that has multiple images displayed.
  • A website visitor can click on a particular image, which will then bring up a larger version of the image with the background behind the image darkened.  (This is often referred to a “Lightbox” effect. ) Most often the website user can easily move forwards and backwards looking at the larger images.
Wordpress (CMS) Content Managed System

Our Thoughts

We have heard many a client tell us how hard it was to get a hold of their former web designer to get their content on their website modified.

One of the many reasons Webprem & our clients love WordPress is that WordPress gives our clients the ability to update the content themselves.

Some clients prefer for Webprem to update their content, because they are often quite busy running their businesses.
Other clients choose to update their website content themselves. It is all about the comfort level of each client.